Adopting A Kitten

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When you adopt a cat specially at the kitten stage, be prepared to experience the different stages of its life through which it will get to know you, accept you as part of its feline life, exhibit certain behavioral traits and so forth. Those who adopt a cat after doing careful research often end up leading decades of a long and rewarding life together.

Before You Adopt A Cat

Before you take the decision to adopt a cat, there are certain things to consider in your life:

  • Do you have adequate space in your home for a cat? You will need to provide them space to explore, play and even litter.
  • Will you be able to provide the time for bringing up another life? If you are a busy parent who has to deal with children as well as extended family members, bringing in another life in the house may mean more fun but also more responsibilities
  • You need to consider the financial responsibilities as well. A cat usually requires low maintenance but even then, investing in premium food brands and vet care can take the monthly expenses anywhere from five hundred dollars onwards

Such factors need to be considered before one rushes into the decision of adopting a cat or two.

Adopting A Kitten

Many people opt to adopt a kitten as they find them akin to babies. Their small, furry bodies make them look cute and irresistible. Kittens are like small babies with a lot of energy. Thus, when you are adopting a kitten, you need to make certain changes in your home:

  • Provide a space or a close room to them which would act as their nursery
  • Provide a bed space for them as well as separate toys to play and scratch on, litter box, separate space for food and water
  • Set a routine for them to eat, to go to sleep and to play
  • Monitor their activities and when allowing them to explore other rooms in the house, constant supervision is required
  • Ensure that the vet is visited as per schedule for vaccinations

When Your Kitten Matures

When the kitten you adopted has grown to an adult cat, you might have already done the following things with them:

  • Have trained them to respond to a pet name
  • Trained them to litter only in the litter box
  • Established a play time with them wherein they get their daily dose of aerobic activities and get to practice their hunting skills on specially designed toys

Ensuring The Right Diet For The Cat

When kittens are adopted, their growing body needs specially designed diet food. When they mature into adults cats their nutritional requirements are different. You need to invest in premium food brands to ensure that the dietary requirements of your feline companion are met as per their age and bodily requirements. Inferior brands usually include fillers and other harmful ingredients that might cause health hazards in your pet.



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