Intelligence Of Pet Cats

We define intelligence as the ability to acquire new information and to be able to retain it and utilize that knowledge in order to solve problems. It is clear that the cat is a winner in the case of all animal companions. If you put an adult cat in a room where he has never been before, you will find it examining the room and every nook and cranny. The basic research that it does provides it with valuable information regarding any threats that exist towards its survival as well as about its surroundings. Curiosity is something that cats are known for and that is what has allowed it to live the reputed nine lives that it is said to have.

Feline Intelligence

The ability of cats to investigate their new environments is known to all. Research has also proven that it has a superior ability to retain that information which is superior when compared to other domestic animals. If you are to test the canine versus feline intelligence, it has been seen that, canines recall memory does not last for more than five minutes while cats remember for more than sixteen hours. Thus, their power of recall is superior to that of orangutans and monkeys.

Testing A Cat’s Cognitive Abilities

If you are to test the intellectual ability of the cats, its ability to use the learned information to solve problems is another unique trait. For instance, if you show a cat how to pull boxes on wheels, they can combine the knowledge of this new skill with their insight in order to solve new problems. It is still not known how to test and understand the full expanse of the cognitive abilities of the cat due to which owners are often surprised to find amazing levels of their cognitive abilities.

How Cats Learn

Cats are known to learn from:

  • Observations – they are known to imitate humans and try out new things by trial and error.
  • There are stories where the cat is known to try and turn doorknobs to open doors.
  • They can even ring doorbells as well as open cupboards, turn off lights and even use the toilet.
  • It has been observed that the intelligence of an adult cat can be compared to the intelligence of a two or a three year old child.
  • It is known how children can manipulate their parents even at such an age and that is the same case with cats as well.

Knowing Their Limitations

Even if the cat is most intelligent of all the domestic animals, one needs to be clear about the limitations of their intelligence as well. A cat cannot make plans for the future and neither can it ponder on past events. An owner cannot punish a cat for doing something that it did even a few minutes before. The cat will be unable to establish the connection between the action and the punishment if the two are not done immediately. Again, a cat cannot harbor spite and take revenge on their own. 

Keeping Cats As Pets

Cats are great for your pets But you need to understand them well if you are going to be benefited from them. Cats are different breeds and as per their breed they have different personalities and temperament. As per the kind of lifestyle you have you need to choose a cat accordingly.

How To Choose A Cat

There are many breeders who offer different purebred and mixed bred cats and kittens. Keep the following pointers in mind:

  • You might have a child or children at home for whom you are taking a cat. In such a case ensure that the cat you are taking will be playful and social. Some cats are lively while others like to play around.


  • If you want an active cat you can choose from a wide breed of cats. There are distinct personality traits of such cats that one can look up online.


  • If you live alone and wish to have a lap cat who will be your constant companion by your couch, you can look up such cats specifically.


  • Seek input from breeders who will be able to tell you which cat will go along with children and who will be an ideal companion of an old lady

Housebreaking A Cat

Once the cat has been chosen and has been brought home, you need to understand their habits and help them feel at home. The two vital things are diet and cleanliness. You need to establish timings for food that your cat will come to expect as well as set boundaries for cleanliness that they will come to accept.

Food For A Cat

You need to do research about the right kind of food that a cat should consume. When you give them the wrong food or food that is meant for humans, they will show signs of poor health. Keep in mind the following pointers for their diet:

  • Keep the protein amount high in their diet


  • Keep carbohydrates low as they get adequate energy from fat and protein consumption


  • Ensure enough vitamins and minerals in their diet


  • You can opt for canned or dry food for pets of high quality


  • Ensure that the moisture content of the food is adequate

Cleaning After A Cat

It is important that you understand the behavior of your cat in the way he likes to relieve himself, the way he marks his territory, his vomit, poop and so on. You need to show them where they should relieve themselves. You need to use paper towels to clean up the poop and vomit and use Sanitizers and odor neutralizers where necessary.

You will be able to enjoy your cat’s company only when you are able to keep them well cleaned. You need to give them bath occasionally, clean their paws, trim their nails as well as vacuum the house to ensure all fur and droppings are removed and disinfected. In such ways one can enjoy having a cat in their home. 

Keeping Your Feline Companion Clean

You might be having a furry feline who loves her fur and has every reason to be proud of it. While she might be doing a pretty good job by her standards to clean it up but that might not be enough. When you have a furry creature like a cat at home, you need to know all the tips and tricks for cleaning them up and keeping your home clean as well. When you ignore it for too long, neither will your cat develop a habit of being clean and you will end up with a host of infections in your home.

Keeping The Furry Creatures Clean

When you need to keep in check the fur that your cat has, you need to follow certain steps to keep your home clean and keep their fur clean and bright.

  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Look for one which has a strong suction feature and has a pet hair attachment as well.


  • When you vacuum does not forget to vacuum the chairs and curtains.


  • You need to wear rubber gloves and cover all the spots that your cat likes to sit on.


  • Use sticky tape to get the fur off your clothing


  • You can opt for pet bedding that is easy to clean


  • You can place a washable curtain where the cat wanders outside so that it does not come back with muddy paws

Cleaning Your Cat

Cats lick themselves clean as per their standards. However that cleaning may not be adequate to ensure cleanliness in your home. If someone has allergies in your home you need to ensure that you keep your cat clean.

  • Give them a bath when they are really dirty


  • Trim the nails of the cat to prevent scratches


  • Brush off the loose hair of the fur of the cat


  • Use cat or kitten shampoo


  • Dry with towel or blow dry on low power


  • Treat them at the end so that it feels like a special occasion

Prevent Fleas And Ticks

Cats cannot keep fleas off them for long so you need to have all the tips and tricks up your sleeve to keep them free of such insects.

  • There are shampoos, flea collars and pills available to help keep cats free of such infections


  • Do not use adult products on pets


  • When using over the counter prescription do not touch the treated area till it is dry

When Cats Bring On Infections

When infections are rampant in the home, it is time to clean up the house in a big way. From curtains to upholstery, cracks in the wall and so forth, everything need to be cleaned in order to remove all possible sources of infection. Wash all kinds of bedding that the cat sleeps on and also steam clean the carpets if possible.


Adopting A Kitten

When you adopt a cat specially at the kitten stage, be prepared to experience the different stages of its life through which it will get to know you, accept you as part of its feline life, exhibit certain behavioral traits and so forth. Those who adopt a cat after doing careful research often end up leading decades of a long and rewarding life together.

Before You Adopt A Cat

Before you take the decision to adopt a cat, there are certain things to consider in your life:

  • Do you have adequate space in your home for a cat? You will need to provide them space to explore, play and even litter.
  • Will you be able to provide the time for bringing up another life? If you are a busy parent who has to deal with children as well as extended family members, bringing in another life in the house may mean more fun but also more responsibilities
  • You need to consider the financial responsibilities as well. A cat usually requires low maintenance but even then, investing in premium food brands and vet care can take the monthly expenses anywhere from five hundred dollars onwards

Such factors need to be considered before one rushes into the decision of adopting a cat or two.

Adopting A Kitten

Many people opt to adopt a kitten as they find them akin to babies. Their small, furry bodies make them look cute and irresistible. Kittens are like small babies with a lot of energy. Thus, when you are adopting a kitten, you need to make certain changes in your home:

  • Provide a space or a close room to them which would act as their nursery
  • Provide a bed space for them as well as separate toys to play and scratch on, litter box, separate space for food and water
  • Set a routine for them to eat, to go to sleep and to play
  • Monitor their activities and when allowing them to explore other rooms in the house, constant supervision is required
  • Ensure that the vet is visited as per schedule for vaccinations

When Your Kitten Matures

When the kitten you adopted has grown to an adult cat, you might have already done the following things with them:

  • Have trained them to respond to a pet name
  • Trained them to litter only in the litter box
  • Established a play time with them wherein they get their daily dose of aerobic activities and get to practice their hunting skills on specially designed toys

Ensuring The Right Diet For The Cat

When kittens are adopted, their growing body needs specially designed diet food. When they mature into adults cats their nutritional requirements are different. You need to invest in premium food brands to ensure that the dietary requirements of your feline companion are met as per their age and bodily requirements. Inferior brands usually include fillers and other harmful ingredients that might cause health hazards in your pet.



The Process Of Getting A Kitten

You may be excited that you have decided to get a kitten for your family. Indeed a pet can bring much joy to one’s home. It is another living member who becomes part of the family and whose care and needs are taken care of by all members of the household. However, there are certain points that one needs to keep in mind when they are planning to get a kitten home. Nowadays people prefer to pick them up from breeders than from animal shelters. Even then one has to follow certain guidelines.

cat stories

Getting A Kitten From A Breeder’s Home

You might have received a response to your query for well bred kittens in your neighborhood. The following steps need to be followed when getting a kitten from a breeder’s home:

  • If it is possible it is advisable that one visits the home of the breeder in order to see the kittens.
  • Many breeders who offer their services long distance put up detailed images online for prospective customers to look at and view. Some breeders might be hesitant in allowing strangers into their home. 
  • If one is able to visit a breeder’s home, they should ensure that a clean environment is provided for the animals. The cats need to be without runny eyes or noses that show that they are well kept and taken care of.
  • The cats should look active and not lethargic and they should not be sneezing or showing signs of other infections.
  • Odors of cats are hard to control especially where male cats are found as that is part of their mating process.

Pick Up A Social Kitten

Kittens are by far less social than puppies. When you are about to pick up a kitten, you need to ensure that they have been socialized correctly. There are certain signs that will guide you along:

  • If you have decided on a certain pedigree, they will come with a certain personality or temperament.
  • It is best to look up the particular personality traits of the breed you are opting for
  • Decide on the kind of cat you want, a lap cat or an active one. Accordingly, the breeds need to be decided upon.

Picking Breeds Ideal For Children

When you are opting for a cat for your child, you need to find out whether the breed you have in mind will be playful with children. Some cats do not like to be disturbed while others are more social. The breeders will be able to tell one if a cat is ideal for children. They will also be able to tell if a cat will want to be the only one in a household.

Taking The Advice Of Breeders

It is best to take the advice of breeders regarding the personality of a car or kitten which is being adopted. They will be able to provide enough advice about them and how they should be treated. Sometimes they will also suggest that one takes a second cat or kitten if the first needs company.


The Growing Requirements Of A Kitten

Kittens And Cats

You may have adopted a kitten and you must be excited to have the little furry ball of energy in your home. Kittens make great playthings for children who love their playfulness and spend hours watching them frolic around the house. However you are being the adult, you need to take care of the food and other aspects too of your new home member. As far as nutrition is concerned, you need to be particular about the food that you are going to feed her. When they grow up you need to take special care about the food that you are feeding her. You need to invest in food that is specially made and packed for growing, adult cats.

Growing Kittens

An adolescent cat is one who plays like a kitten but is maturing into an adult at the same time. The food that one feeds them is important in this growing phase. The nutritional requirements differ between a cat and a kitten. It is thus important to know what stage your cat is at and to feed it appropriate food. Many of us feed them household food and do not vary the constituents of their meals as they grow and age.

How Nutrition Needs Differ

It is important that quality food is fed to the cats as they grow from a kitten to an adult cat. The nutrition that kittens get from their food is not enough for an adult cat. We understand that from the varying nutritional requirements for human beings as they grow. If you are feeding them pet food, you do not want to compromise on the quality. If you downgrade to inferior brand pet food, it might upset their stomach. That will bring in more problems for you as you will have to run to the vet as well as clean up after her.

Giving Them Quality Food

You need to think in terms of a human baby. When you start giving them solid food, you would want to give them the best nutrition that you can. You would not want them to have food from outside and food that is junk. In the same way, one needs to feed maturing kittens the best food that one can buy. Premium pet food is something that you need to invest in for the good health of your pet. You can look up premiums pet food online and find out what ingredients are included in them.

Pet Food Considerations

The following points need to be considered when buying pet food for growing kittens:

  • The ingredients need to be of high quality
  • There has to be a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, a fermentable fiber, vitamins, minerals in the pet food
  • The taste and the recipe should be great or as per the liking of your pet cat
  • You need to ensure that the pet food you buy conforms to the industry standards in the country for such food manufacturing
  • The formula has to be right as per the age and growth stage of the cat
  • Ensure that the product is guaranteed for quality

In such ways one can provide the best pet food for their growing kitten.


The Unique Nature Of Siamese Cats

Nowadays many people are on the lookout for Siamese cats for their unique looks and personalities. Indeed, this breed of cats that originates from Thailand are fascinating creatures. They have a rich and interesting history about their origin. Nowadays this breed of cats is increasingly popular. Many people love their unique charm as well as personalities and character. Their appearance is striking and they have a regal air about them. These cats represent class, regal air and elegance.

Unique Traits

If you are planning to adopt a Siamese cat that may be due to the following traits that you find in them:

  • Many find them gorgeous looking
  • They can be loyal
  • They are fun companions
  • They are intelligent companions for human beings

Before you decide to visit a breeder’s home and get one for yourself, you need to know all the unique facts and traits about such animals.

Social Nature And Lovable Looks

One interesting fact is their body color. Most Siamese kittens are born white. The white kittens of this breed look adorable and most people find it hard to resist adopting one or more such kittens for their home. With time their bodies develop color in the cooler pars of the body. That is due to a heat sensitive gene that they contain. An interesting fact which attributes to the popularity of the Siamese cats is the social nature of this feline creature. Unlike other breeds of cats, this breed can be extremely social and takes to human beings much more easily than other breeds. They love to be around people. These cats get along with other animals as well in the house, for children too they make a great family pet. The aggressive traits in this breed of cats are much less as compared to other breeds.

Loves Attention

Every cat breed has certain advantages and peculiarities that one needs to be aware of. While you might be ready to pick up an adorable white Siamese kitten that promises to be social and loving, you need to know that, such cats tend to be jealous. They love to be the center of attention. When your attention gets diverted, they can exhibit jealous behavior. If you are the person that they are most attached to, they will follow you everywhere but will not want your attention to be shared with others.

Easily Trained

If you want a cat that is easily trained, you can adopt a Siamese cat. They are intelligent creatures and take up training most effectively. They have the largest lifespan than other cats. They can live to be twenty or twenty five years old. These cats tend to be talkative and they will meow away for hours if you are willing to listen to them for that long. Many people find such cats evil looking but they are lovable and social due to which, more and more people are adopting Siamese cats as pets for a lifetime.


Understanding The Behavior Of Cats

Research On Cats

In the world of people there are two main groups, some who understand cats and those who think that cats are douchebags. The cat lovers are those who usually fall in the second category. Research has revealed that many adorable things that a cat or kitten does has actually a predatorial intent behind them. Thus, you need to understand the behavior of cats and understand why they do the things they do in order to treat them right.

When A Cat Meows

Cats have various ways of communicating. The meow is the most common way of vocalizing when it comes to cats. They wish to tell us something when they meow. It can be hunger or it can be that they simply want attention. Again, house cats will meow to tell the owner that they have littered and it is time to clean up the mess. While the barks of dogs are one dimensional, the meow of a cat can differ as per the pitch and the tone. That is done to manipulate the owner and get the things they want out of them.

  • A pleading meow is usually identified by the cat owners and they can differentiate between a soliciting meow and a causal one as well.
  • The soliciting mews are usually more urgent and less pleasant than a normal meow
  • When they cry like human babies such a meow is usually for hunger. Such a behavior shows the intelligence of cats. They know that, when they imitate the cry of babies it will get more attention than their normal, animal like meows.

It has been seen that, cats even adjust the frequency of their meows and purrs in order to get their owners to respond to their needs more quickly. The sounds bring out responses in us as well trained animals. The sound annoys us and we wish to address the source of the sound as we would our offsprings even if they are covered in fur.

Cats And How They Cover Or Uncover Their Poop

Many cat owners relish the fact that their pets leave their poop in neat little litter boxes which allows them to dispose of such litter easily. There is no need to have to use poop scoopers or plastic bags to pick up their poop. However, such a behavioral trait does not come from domestication training but more from their natural predatorial instincts. Cats cover their poop to cover their tracks in front of larger predators. If there is a bigger cat in the group, they will not want to keep their poop uncovered as it acts like a challenge in the bigger animal. If they leave their poop uncovered in your home, that might indicate that they do not fear anyone in the house.

Why Cats Rub Themselves On Your Legs

If you think that your cat is happy to see you and that is the reason it is rubbing itself on your legs, you might need to rethink that. It is usually done to indicate ownership and not loyalty. 

When You Are Getting A Kitten Home

Deciding On A Cat Breed

Today there are as many as forty different breeds of cats. Thus, when you have made up your mind to get a pet for yourself or your child, you need to do adequate research to pick the right feline which will have the right personality and energy levels to suit your home. It is said that cats have differing personalities and tendencies. They have different energy levels as well. You can look up online resources on cats in order to understand which cat breed would be ideal for you to own as a pet. Once you have decided, you need to find a good breeder for that particular cat species. There are registries of cat breeders as well as that of pedigree cat. These will help one to locate a breeder near one’s home.

Different Sources To Get Kittens

There are different sources from where one can find out about kittens which are available for adopting.

  • Newspapers usually host ads of breeders and other pet owners who are looking for people to buy kittens from them. Their contact details are also listed in such ads.


  • Ads on the internet are not an uncommon phenomenon any more,. Pet lovers have their own forums and here breeders post ads for those who are interested in picking up kittens from them.


  • Cat shows are another place for meeting breeders. One can personally get to meet them and talk to them as well as see the cats they keep.

Facts About Bringing A Kitten Home

  • Know the breeder and how they were the kittens. It is not enough to simply contact a breeder over the phone or online. One needs to go and visit their home and see how they wear or keep their pets. That will help one to know about the hygiene of the pet as well as the health of the pet that one is considering bringing home.


  • Kittens should be brought to another home when they are at least four months old. That is when they are ready to be more social. Kittens socialize less than puppies as they need more time with their mother and their mates of the litter. They also need to be given vaccination shots that are completed by this time period.


  • You need to know in detail about the breed of a cat you are getting home with respect to their food habits, their tendency to contract diseases and so forth.

Identifying Good Breeders

  • There are breeders who advertise the breeds of cats they keep and they will gladly show you around, will have titles in the honor of the purebred or mixed bred cats they possess and so forth


  • Many breeders try and improve the breed of cats by mixing the gene pool


  • One needs to ensure that the area and the upkeep of the cats is clean and hygienic


  • It is best to buy from a breeder who has a good reputation in the market

The Wildness Of Cats

Nature Of Cats

When you wish to adopt a cat remember that it is a territorial animal by nature. You cannot take the wild out of the animal no matter how domesticated it is and you need to realize that certain behavioral traits are innate in it. In the wild, the cats are used to establishing the area where they will sleep and eat. That is termed as its home base. Then comes the mates and the area where it hunts. Such a territory is known as its home range. The territory of a cat is defined by its home base and extends to areas where it goes for food. When it lives in an area where food is plentiful, its home range is a small one. When food is scarce, then its home range widens. The territory of a cat is defined by a network of different paths that are patrolled with regularity and this is done on a fixed schedule.

How They Mark Their Territories

Cats are known to mark their territory. They do so by the following activities:

  • By scratching through which they leave scent or visual marks
  • By spraying
  • By depositing feces or urine
  • By rubbing

Significance Of Spraying

In the wild, all such activities have their significance. When they spray urine or leave their feces behind they are providing information about themselves to other cats. Other cats are able to gain information about a cat’s sex, health and age from the smell of the feces or the urine as well as when was the last time it was there. These different kinds of marking behavior are done in certain places which are known as marking posts. These are read like a newspaper by others. It does not repel them but it results in temporal spacing in the territory of the cats.

Sharing Their Territories

Cats work as solitary predators and they depend on their own skills to catch prey. They thus avoid encounters with other cats as that can lead to fighting and injury. If their hunting skills are impaired, they will not be able to survive.

  • Marking behavior of a cat allows them to share resources with others in a territory without having to directly compete with them. Thus, if a cat marks a post in the morning, they might leave it for others in the evening.
  • Cats will establish their territories in your home as their wild counterparts do. You will find a pattern of where your cats choose to rest in different parts of the day. You can check the pattern and see how consistent it is for a number of days.
  • It is also interesting to see how they time share their space with other cats. Most cats tend to share their space with cats of the same gender.

These are some of the many behavioral traits of cats. You need to understand and anticipate their different hunting and marking behaviors which will help you to clean up after them and even to train them not to spoil the house with their spraying and other marking activities.