Bird Watching Made Safer

Back in Manila where we used to live in the 5th floor, I always worry about my cats getting carried away by their bird watching and fall over the balcony. One time I woke up with a “present” that I wasn’t really very happy about. First, I don’t like dead animals and insects. Second, since Sylvia caught this bird, the only way she did is by jumping around and getting off to the extension of our balcony that is really dangerous. And though we already cat-proofed the balcony, I ended up making more reinforcement to keep them in and safe – which in return, turned our balcony to look like a prison.

Now in Berlin, we have a small balcony but we do not let them out because they might jump to the neighbor’s property. So for their bird watching pleasure here’s what we came up with:

Cats birdwatching through a beamer.
Pupicats birdwatching through a beamer.
Bird watching through a beamer is safe for both cats and birds. No more unwanted “presents”.
Not only that it is very entertaining to the cats, it is 100% entertainment guarantee to the hoomans.