Bringing A Cat Home

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Demographics Of Your Home

When you are considering bringing home a cat, the kind of demographics that you have in your home will also determine how successful or unsuccessful your attempt will be in bringing in a pet cat in your home. When there are elderly people living in a home or a child under the age of five, an adult cat is a better choice than a kitten. Kittens will tend to get under the foot or can even attack playfully. They can pierce the skin of a senior citizen and cause them harm. They later on learn to retract their claws and inhibit their biting but by that time, elderly people or small kids can sustain damage to themselves.


Advantages Of A Male Adult Cat

When you have small children in the home, they can unknowingly pose threats to kittens as well. They have the tendency to pick up and hold a living creature that is smaller than they are. If the kitten squirms try and get away, they might squeeze them harder. That way a kitten can sustain internal injuries and the child may get bitten or scratched in that way. One needs to supervise constantly in order to prevent such tragedies from occurring. In such families it is better to have an adult cat.

  • For such homes a neutered male which has a laid back personality will be ideal as a family pet.
  • Males usually are more tolerant to handling by humans than females.
  • If you select a cat that is over 18 months old then their personality is already established. What you see is what you get.
  • Pet owners may be tempted to adopt cuddly, friendly kittens but their personalities will change as they mature. They usually take over the traits of the father’s side.

Ease Of Training Older Cats

Many people feel that if they choose an older pet they will not be able to train them. That is a misconception as older pets are already more social than their younger counterparts and are more willing and open to learning new methods and techniques as may be shown by their owners. Thus, many owners find them responsive to behavior modification techniques more than kittens or younger cats.

Bringing Home Another Feline Companion

There are certain important points to keep in mind before you bring in another feline companion into your home when you already have a house cat. Their activity level and personality will determine how well the two cats will get along or whether the house will become a war zone.

  • When you have had an adult female cat in the home for some time, it is best to get a younger female cat. Males tend to overpower and frighten females. If you bring in a male kitten, initially they will be dominated by the female cat but over time they will try and engage in style of play that will not be the idea of fun for a female cat.
  • Get a male partner for your active, male cat as both of them can engage in vigorous play
  • When you have a laid back, neutered male cat, they are more accepting of kittens, whether male or female and love to mother them more than spayed female cats which are less accepting of newcomers in general.  

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