Bringing Home A Pet Kitten

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You might be excited that you have picked up a kitten for your home. Indeed, when you pick up kittens to become your pet, be prepared to spend a lot of time getting to know them, establishing rules around the house and training them up to be your house pet. There are certain things that you can do in order to initiate them into your home. It is akin to having babies in your home and they will need constant care and monitoring in the first few months.


First Step – Visit To The Vet

When you have adopted a kitten or two from a breeder, they will let you know what to expect and how to take care of them. However you still need to take them to the vet initially to understand whether their health is okay and how to take care of them from a doctor’s perspective.

  • Let the vet examine them
  • Get recommendations about what to feed them
  • Getting necessary vaccinations done

Carry them in a cat carrier where they need to grow used to and should feel secure in. Such a carrier should be the standard mode of transportation for your kitten wherever you carry them.

Setting Up Their Home

If you have the space, set up a nursery for them.

  • You can provide them a small room with a floor that can be easily cleaned
  • Provide them with a bed, a litter box, things that they can scratch on, toys to play with and places for food and water
  • Initiate a schedule for their feeding, playing as well as handling them. You can turn on a night light which will be a cue for them to go to sleep as well as for going about their nightly activities
  • Be sensitive to their nap times and do not let children disturb the kittens when they are sleeping
  • Handle the kittens with care and frequently for short intervals. Touch around the eyes, the ears and the paws as it is done during the vet examinations. That will allow them to get used to such touch and feel.
  • Let the kitten or kittens stay in the nursery till the time they are able to use the litter box regularly. After that, you can allow them to explore other rooms

Making Your Home Safe For The Playful Kittens

You need to be prepared that kittens will be curious and playful. Thus, keep away dangerous and delicate things out of their way or out of their reach. Direct them to acceptable areas and activities and remove them from dangerous places. Till they are older than three months, supervise their playing and the areas they play in.

Increase Interactions With Time

As the kittens get older, involve them in more family activities and interactions. That will remove their fear and defensiveness. They will come to accept you and the other family members as part of their family and be comfortable with regular visitors as well. 

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