Canned Versus Dry Food For Cats

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Many cat owners research a lot about the right kind of cat food for their pets and the controversies continue. There is a lot of research that goes into cat nutrition and it is no way less than the research that goes into human nutrition. One aspect of the debate that gathers ground is whether it is better to buy dry cat food or opt for the wet canned food that are available for cats. The advice of the experts differs in such matters. Some of the nutritionists say that, when you wish to feed your cat a good quality food, opt for a reputed brand and then it does not matter whether the food is dry or canned. That is because the nutritional requirements are taken care of in such food. However, the moisture content of the food differs in both the forms and that has to be taken into consideration.

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The Different Advantages Of Canned Food

  • In canned food the moisture content is higher than in dry food
  • When moist canned food is provided for cats, the water content of their diet is higher and their urine is more dilute
  • Canned food usually contains more proportion of animal protein than plant protein. The carbohydrate and vitamin content in them is also well balanced along with moisture content. In dry food the plant based protein is more.
  • In high quality brands the canned food contain all the nutrients of good quality and in the right proportions

Different Advantages Of Dry Food

  • Dry cat food is often preferred by pet owners as they are easier to store away and purchase in bulk
  • Canned food items have shorter shelf life than dry food for pets
  • Dry food of the same brand is bound to be cheaper than canned food due to the higher degree of care and processing required to keep the nutrients and ingredients healthy in canned foods
  • Dry food provided with adequate amount of water will provide the same nutrition as canned food for cats

What To Avoid In Cat Food

The following differences exist in cat food of good quality versus those of inferior quality:

  • Often harmful ingredients are added in the food for pets by inferior brands that are not certified by the standards in industry
  • Many food brands pack in a lot of carbohydrates in the pet food which is not required as much as protein content in cat food

Why Moisture Content Is Vital

  • Cat owners need to regulate the water content in the food of their pets as cats by nature are less sensitive to their water requirements. Thus, even if you leave behind a bowl of water next to their dry food, you need to see that they drink it up
  • Dry food and its proportion needs to be measured out as it contains the food ingredients in a more dense composition than in canned food
  • If the moisture content of the cat food is not regulated, it can lead to problems like obesity, digestive problems, urine formation, kidney problems and so forth.


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