What Anyone Taking Care of your Pet Should Know and Have

Going away on vacation or holiday this summer? Want to make sure your pet is properly cared for in the case of an emergency and you have to leave home quickly? Giving important information to the person caring for your cat or kitten can mean peace of mind for you and a safe and enjoyable time for your pet. Take time to fill out the checklist below and give a copy to your pet’s caretaker. You might also give another copy to a trusted neighbor and/or friend in the event your pet’s caretaker has an emergency or is unable to come as scheduled.

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What Anyone Taking Care of your Pet Should Know and Have:

  • A written description of your instructions with the most important information first. Pictures are very helpful if there are multiple pets. (Also if your pet becomes missing this will be helpful for making up flyers.) Household instructions should be written on another sheet.
  • An emergency phone number where you can be reached at all times. If you are unable
  • to be contacted is there someone else who can make decisions?
  • Does anyone else have a key to your home and will they be coming in?
  • What are your pet’s normal habits? Do they occasionally vomit? Miss a meal?
  • What foods can they be tempted with if they are not eating?
  • Where are their favorite hiding places? Do they ever sneak outside?
  • Who is your regular veterinarian?
  • Who provides medical emergency or after hours care?
  • What arrangements are in place for emergency care?
  • What are the financial arrangements for paying for emergency care?
  • Is there a monetary limit?
  • What are specific instructions as to what is to be done with your pet?
  • Do you want to be contacted if your pet passes away?

It is also a good idea to contact your veterinarian and let them know who will be caring for and possibly bringing your pet into the hospital. This is also a time to discuss financial arrangements and concerns older pet or one with health problems.

Now fly away, have a great time and imagine the wonderful reunion awaiting you when you return home!