Cats And The Food They Should Be Fed

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Cats As Sole Companions

Many people own a cat and have no one else to keep them company. Their cat is their sole companion who lives like any other human being in the home. They are fed and taken care of as well as having their own special cushions and chairs that are their possessions. While many people will go to great lengths to pamper their furry little pets, it is best to keep their pets off the dinner table or they should be given their own separate food while eating. No matter how much we wish they can be like any other human being, they are not and one way of ensuring their good health is to keep cooked food items and other human diet food less than fifteen percent of their food routine.

Food That You Need To Keep Away

The list of food items that cats should be kept away from are:

  • Onions and garlic


  • Grapes and raisins


  • Alcohol, caffeinated drinks


  • Chocolates


  • Sugary treats

Keep In Mind

These are items that should not be provided to cats at all, not even in small doses. Many children tend to feed their cats the treats that they are having that comprise of candies and other sweet treats. They need to be taught to keep such food items away from the reach of their pets.

Food That They Can Share With You

If you wish to allow your cat to eat food that you have, there is a list of items that one can offer to their cat.

  • Vegetables

Humans are considered as omnivores that is, they can survive on meat as well as vegetables. However, cats are considered as carnivores and that means they need meat in order to survive. Thus, like human, cats cannot derive much nutrition from vegetables. However carbohydrates are not entirely bad for a cat. Their systems are built in a way that they can gain more energy from protein sources than they can from carbs. However, chomping on plants will provide them with fiber or roughage. Thus, you can include salads along with meat in their diet.

  • Cheese And Milk


Cheese is a great item that can be given to cats. They love the taste of cheese and it also serves as a good source of protein for them. Many cats are fed milk for small meals. However some cats tend to be lactose intolerant and cheese or milk belongs to the list of dairy items that might be dangerous for them. Many cats are okay with milk based products when they are small but as they mature, they become intolerant to dairy based food items. It might cause diarrhea in them. Thus, you need to be careful and see for yourself if they love to have cheese or milk and whether they are being able to digest it well.

  • Fish, Eggs And Meat

These are again the items that your cat can share with you at the dinner table. They love to have eggs and fish and meat is the ultimate source of protein for them. However one needs to know the kind of form that these foods should be provided to them in order to suit their system and their palate.


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