How Cats Show Affection

When you adopt a cat, whether or not it will show affection will depend on their personality. It also depends on the breeding as well as on the upbringing. Many cats remain aloof and they will not shower affection on their owners easily. If a cat chooses to show affection, they show it through certain body languages or signs. You need to be able to read their expressions of love and for that, you need to understand feline body language. These languages are interesting to read and come through in their interaction with humans as well as with other cats.

Blinking Gestures

One way of showing affection is through blinking:

  • When a cat encounters strangers, they greet them with a stare that is unblinking.
  • If they blink their eyes slowly it is known as kitty kisses. These are signs of affection and contentedness
  • The owner can respond by blinking back at the cat in slow motion and see how long the game can continue

Grooming Habits

Grooming for cats is not only about hygiene. It is a stress reliever and a way of bonding when it comes to cats. If they groom you by certain body gestures, it shows that it accepts you as a part of its feline family. It is also a way of showing their ownership of you.

Rubbing Or Following One Around

When a cat rubs their face on you:

  • It is a sign that they are marking you as their property
  • The glands on their face have pheromones that act to segregate their property from others
  • It also signals something or someone who makes them feel comfortable and with whom they are familiar with
  • The pheromone signature of every cat is unique
  • A head rubbing or a butting gesture shows that he or she is signaling that the owner is theirs

Many cats will follow their owners around and they will go wherever they go and hang out wherever you are. It is a sign that says:

  • He or she is interested in you
  • Wants to be in the place you are
  • Many cats who do not display other signs of affection may simply hang out with their owner as a sign of affection.


Bringing In Gifts Or Running To The Door

Many cats show their affection by bringing in gifts for their owners. Thus, if they bring in a dead cat or a bird’s tail, you should not get upset or angry with them. It is their way of trying to please you as children do with their parents. You can show them lovingly that they do not need to get gifts for you to love them.

Many cats show excitement when their owner returns home. While it may not be evident to you, many cats run to the door when they hear the car entering the garage or the jingling of keys at the door. 

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