Cleaning Up After Your Pet Cat

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When you have a cat at home you need be prepared to clean up after them. Even if you are able to teach him to take his poop outside, there will always be different droppings from their bodies that one has to take care of and clean up. It is necessary to be lean and to keep one’s home free from infections so that cold and other kinds of ailments are not transported from a house kitten to the children or other members of the family.

Cat Mess From Urine Sprays

When you have a cat you need to be prepared that it will not aim for the litter box straight away. They are bound to leave certain presents on the carpet as they urinate not only to relieve themselves but also to mark their territory. No matter what the reason for the cat to pee on your household items or on the carpet, you can follow the tips below to make your cleaning process easy and fast:

  • Blot out as much urine as possible with the help of paper towels


  • Do not use ammonia based cleaning products as they smell similar to the cat pee


  • Soak the area with a carpet cleaner or a drop of detergent mixed with water and then rinse with a wet sponge


  • There are feline odor neutralizer or other odor eliminators available that can spray on the areas where cats urinate

Cat Mess Due To Poop

Cat poop is easier to get off the floor though it is smellier than urine. When you are clearing cat feces you need to use gloves as there are parasites to be found on the feces. Pregnant women should stay away from such droppings. Clearing of poop becomes easy if the following steps are followed:

  • Poop should be picked up by paper towels


  • The area should be rinsed with a disinfectant

Cat Mess Due To Vomit

Many cats vomit like humans. When they vomit the mess needs to be cleaned properly to reduce infections and stains.

  • When the vomit is solid, it can be picked up by paper towels


  • When vomit is loose it needs to be scraped off and put on a plastic spoon


  • A deodorizer or a disinfectant needs to be used

Cat Mess Due To Fur

Every cat, whether it has long hair or short, will shed its hair and one has to be careful that the furs or their shedding do not get into the mouths of children or into their respiratory system. One has to ensure that the cat does not enter the cooking area as it increases the chances of the fur getting into the food.

  • The body hair of the cat has to be brushed once or twice in a week in order to remove loose hairs
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery to reduce cat fur on such items
  • One should ensure that the fur does not get on one’s clothes

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