Debate Over Kind Of Cat Food

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If you think that you know all there is to know about cat food, you may be mistaken. There are a lot of controversies that surround cat nutrition as it does around human nutrition. One debate that gains ground in this context is whether one should feed their pet dry pet food or canned food. It is best to refer to the advice of the experts in this respect. Many nutritionists for animals are of the opinion that, if you are feeding your cat food of a high quality brand, then it does not matter whether the food is canned or dry. That is because, the nutritional requirements are taken care of in the food. Thus, no matter what form it is served, the cat will get complete nutrition from the food.

Advantages Of Canned Food

  • Canned food has higher moisture content than that in dry food


  • When moist food is provided for cats, they will get more water in their diet and their urine will be more dilute.


  • Canned foods are usually high in animal protein as well as carbohydrates and moisture. That is in contrast to dry food which is usually more plant based than animal protein based.


  • The nutrients are better balanced in canned foods of high quality brands

Advantages Of Dry Food

  • Dry cat food is preferred by owners in many cases as it is easier to purchase and store away.


  • Longevity of dry food for cats is longer than canned food items


  • Dry food tends to be cheaper than canned foods even if quality is the same


  • Dry food when provided in balanced amounts and with an adequate amount of water will ensure the same nutrition to cats as canned food

Things To Look Out For

There are many food brands for cats that pack in a lot of carbohydrates in the food. Carbohydrates are required in nominal amounts in the diet for cats. They can easily manufacture energy from the protein and fats they consume. If one feeds their cat food that is packed with carbohydrates that can lead to obesity in cats. When feeding them dry food, one needs to take care of the amount of carbohydrates being provided in every serving.

Ensuring Moisture Content In Cat Food

It is important that the moisture content in cat food be regulated by the cat owners as it has been seen that, cats are less sensitive to water and dehydration in their body. Water content is necessary in cat food to ensure digestion, circulation and other bodily processes that should run as required.

  • Water kept in bowls next to dry food may not be consumed as required


  • Canned foods usually contain the right moisture content that is necessary for the cats

There have been cases seen where the mineral content in urine has been high in cats who are fed dry food. The cats are unable to regulate the water requirements on their own and thus, it has to be included in the food served to them. If urinary tract problems occur, one’s pet is bound to suffer from pain or discomfort.


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