When You Decide To Take On A Pet Cat

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Points To Ponder

When you take a decision to adopt a car or any other life, it is an important decision to make. You accept or agree to take on the responsibility of looking after another life and being responsible for it. The obligation to nurture life and give love and care for it is a big decision and a decision of a lifetime. When you decide to adopt a cat, you need to consider the reasons behind your decision. You need to realize that indoor cats will live to be fifteen or twenty years old. You need to be clear about the following points:

  • Do you have living accommodations that can accommodate a pet cat for that period of time?
  • You need to consider the possibility of having to move to another town or residence. Often, cat owners are forced to give up their house cat to animal shelters as they did not have enough space in their new apartment.
  • Financial considerations also need to be given a thought to. Nowadays it is estimated that the cost of caring for a cat is above five hundred bucks a year. It would e unfair if you take in a cat and then find that you are unable to afford to feed it, look after it and take it to the vet.

Commitment Of Time

Besides such considerations, time is also a crucial factor that needs to be figured out before you take up the lifelong commitment of raising a pet cat. You need to commit considerable time to it, akin to little babies. Cats may be low maintenance and need little attention and time as do other animals. But they are intelligent animals and they need a stimulating environment to live in. If you are going to be away for a long time cats which are emotionally attached to their owners can suffer from separation anxiety. Cats which are bored or lonely can exhibit a number of behavioral problems like obsessive grooming, house soiling, depression, over eating and so forth.

Making The Right Choice

When you have thought the decision through and then decided to adopt a kitten or a cat, it can result in a mutually rewarding and satisfying relationship. However, if you did not think it through it might spell heartbreak when you have to separate from your pet.

Kittens Can Be A Handful

You need to consider certain factors before deciding whether adopting kittens would be the right choice. As kittens are soft and fluffy, playful and adventurous, most people live them. However, kittens will need a lot of playtime and an environment for them to explore and play with. They will climb on curtains, chew on cords and wires and even pounce and bite on every moving object. These points need to be considered before one decides to adopt a kitten. Again, it is best to get a playmate for the kitten. That way, the wear and tear on the house is much less and they learn to control their aggressive traits more quickly when they have a playmate of their age and sex. No matter what your choice is, ensure that you make an informed one. 

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