Different Diets For Different Conditions In Cats

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Hairball Ingestion

Cats and their hairs are all over the place. The furrier your feline companion, the more likelihood that it is going to be ingesting a good amount of hair in its digestive system. Indeed, in the process of grooming itself, the cats ingest a fair amount of its own fur. Sometimes, this causes discomfort in the digestive system of the cats. As they are unable to spell it out for you, you need to be armed with the requisite knowledge of when to expect such problems and the ready solution in such cases. Usually cats have a strong defense system and that can take care of such problems. However, you can provide a little help along the way by providing them the right food which will provide hairball relief.

Specially Designed Meals For Hairball Relief

Among the variety of adult maintenance food that you can buy for your cat, some of the premium brands manufactures food items in dry or canned form, which come with ingredients specially added to provide hairball relief. Many brands have their own proprietary formula for dealing with the hair that is ingested. The main aim of every such method or technique is to allow the hair to pass through the digestive system and to avoid hair buildup in the system. The indoor cats are usually prone to such conditions from time to time. You can get them delicious food that is made of:

  • Real chicken ingredients which is the nutritional building block along with natural fish oil that will balance the omega 3 and 6 requirements of the body and help to maintain healthy skin and coat
  • There are wholesome grains included to help maintain active energy levels
  • Prebiotic FOS is the ingredient that is mainly responsible for healthy digestion
  • With crunchy kibble included in such meals you can prevent tartar buildup
  • Vitamin E and other minerals and vitamins are included in such meals to fortify the immune system

Special Meals For Hairball Relief And Weight Control

There are cats that live indoors exclusively. They are prone to put on weight more easily if their diet is not looked into. Many food formulas combine the benefits of hairball relief and weight control. Thus, you can get such formula if your cat is showing the following symptoms:

  • Is suffering from hairball ingestion problems
  • Is gaining weight

For such problems to be countered, one can opt for high protein diet that is fortified by Prebiotic FOS which will take care of the digestive system problems as well as ensure reduction of weight. Here the inclusion of fats and carbohydrates is reduced as compared to the amount of protein included. Thus, the growth of muscle mass and increase in metabolism rate is encouraged by providing such diets for cats.


Ease Of Choices Online

There are many such different food formulae that are sold by premium brands for cats at different stages of their lives. You can even order them online and save yourself the hassle of having to head down to the pet store.


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