The Different Traits Of The Different Cat Breeds

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There are different breeds of cats these days and every breed has its own unique looks, appearance, personalities and needs. Thus, one should understand the personalities of every cat breed and find one which seems amenable for one’s home. Often, besides the personality, one needs to consider other aspects like financial requirements, space and time for the pet. If all such factors are taken care of, then one should carefully consider the different breeds in the market and find one which would be most suitable.

The Persian

The Persian cat gets to live the life of a couch potato:

  • They are usually quiet cats by nature and are social.
  • They do not believe in much activity and they are more like fashion accessories for rich women.
  • The long and silky coat that they have is not without a fair amount of maintenance but they can definitely add an exotic appeal to your home.
  • Such cats come in a variety of colors and they have a flat face and large heads.
  • The flattened nose of the cats predisposes them to respiratory problems that might develop in the later part of their life.
  • Such a cat can snuggle down comfortably for hours and thus, if you cannot be home for long you can opt for such a couch companion.

The Himalayan

When you opt for the Himalayan Persian cat, it will have the following characteristics:

  • The coat of a Persian is mixed with the color of the Siamese. That gives the cat the appearance of a Persian but with painted colors on their body. Painted coloring is a heat sensitive genetic reaction due to which the warmer parts of the body have darker colors than the rest of the body.
  • Such a cat is outgoing but tends to be quiet like a Persian cat

The Ragdoll

Among other breeds of cats, the Ragdoll has an interesting history to offer:

  • Such a cat has been bred intensively due to which they have a very relaxed disposition
  • The cats tend to go limp when they are picked up as they are gentle and placid
  • The medium long coat of the cats requires less maintenance as compared to the Persian breed
  • The faces of such cats are rounder and they have pointed coloring
  • They can reach weights of ten or twenty pounds

The Maine Coon

If you opt for the Maine Coon it is mainly for the following attributes:

  • It is known to have a luxurious coat
  • The coat of the breed has a unique texture
  • Such a cat tends to be heavy and of low maintenance, more of a farm cat mentality
  • There is a unique trill in their voice
  • They hate water and would love to groom themselves only by their tongue

These are some of the many varied cat breeds that are available in the market. You can pick up one as per the personality you are looking for.


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