How To Ensure That Your Pet Cat Has Fun

Just like your children, when you keep a cat you need to remember that, cats simply wish to have fun. Your cat may be bored for which they might be exhibiting a variety of behavioral problems. These include aggressive behavior towards home owners, depression, compulsive grooming and other behavioral traits. Felines tend to be couch potatoes. Many cats tend to lead sedentary lifestyles due to which they tend to be chubby and overweight. You need to give them a daily dose of aerobic exercise and play time in order to keep them active, healthy and happy.

Importance Of Play Sessions

Play sessions are important for kittens as well as cats. While kittens are more naturally playful compared to adult cats, you need to ensure that a matured cat has ten to fifteen minutes of play time every day. Interactive play times are beneficial for cats in the following way:

  • It ensures their daily dose of aerobic exercises
  • It will help improve the attitude of the cat toward life
  • It will help to keep it fit and trim
  • Interactive play with the owner helps both to bond with each other
  • Reduces the naturally aggressive traits found in cats

Toys For The Cat

If you are wondering where to get the right kind of play toys for your cat, you can find a variety of fishing pole toys in the market. You can even order them online. One needs to establish a routine time for play. Cats love routine so ensures that the exercise sessions are held regularly and at the same time every day. You do not need to physically exert yourself in order to engage in play time with your pet. You can sit on the couch and dangle the toys in front of them or make them spring forth suddenly so that the cat tries to catch it. You need to allow your pet a number of victory turns as well. You can even hide the toys somewhere in the room and the cat will continue to look for it even after play time is over. Play time is great for bonding with your pet.

Fun Activities

If you wish to make your cat’s life more fun, you can do the following:

  • Get a companion for the cat of the same sex and of the same personality
  • Schedule an interactive play session with your cat with a fishing pole toy every day
  • You can allow your cat a view of a bird feeder from the window
  • Have an aquarium or a goldfish bowl for the cat to watch
  • Provide some new thing to explore for the cat from time to time like cardboard boxes, grocery bags, flashing a beam of light on a wall of a room that is dimly lit

Allowing Outdoor Time

If you have a small patio area or a garden, allow your cat some outdoor time to explore. They will love to play among the hedge, chase birds, mouse and engage in other playful activities.


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