What Not To Feed Your Cat

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Pets At Dinner Table

When you find an avid cat lover who sits for dinner with his or her cat, that might not be the best thing for the cat though. While most of us think that it is pure indulgence to feed the cat what we eat, that is necessarily not do. A study of the feline digestive system and the kind of nutrition they need shows that, the kind of cooked food humans eat may be far from ideal in case of cats.

Food Items To Avoid – Onion And Garlic

When you offer food to your cat, they might eat it and ask for more. But you need to know better:

  • Do not offer them food that contains onion or garlic
  • It will wreak havoc with their digestive system
  • You will have to bear the consequences of a bad digestion and clean up after them
  • Ensure that cooked food containing such ingredients are not offered to them

As these ingredients are most common in our home cooked meals, you need to take care that your pet cat is not offered food that is cooked with such ingredients in generous quantities.

Food Items To Avoid – Grapes And Raisins

If you thought humans were the only ones to have allergic reactions to certain food items, you are wrong. Even pets have allergies to certain food items and the worst part is, neither are they aware of it and neither will they be able to communicate their likings and dislikings to you. Grapes and raisins are two fruits which cats have allergic reactions to. It is best to keep these away from your pet cat in order to avoid complications.

Food Items To Avoid – Sugary Treats, Caffeinated Drinks And Others

Many children are tempted to offer their sugary treats to their pets and they wish to share it with them. However, you need to educate your children that, these treats are not right for cats. Even if the cat eagerly laps it up, they need to be kept away from such food. Again, if you think that it is alright to allow them to sip your alcohol or coffee remaining in your cup, these are also danger foods for the pets. You need to keep them away from such drinks. Even if the cat has sipped such drinks by mistake, you need to keep an eye open for adverse reactions to their health. You need to ensure that they do not sip such drinks at a regular basis. Also, a common myth is that, cats drink milk. Many owners leave a bowl of milk for their cats to drink. However, it is known that, cats are mostly lactose intolerant. They cannot digest the milk protein. It is best to keep them away from milk and not offer such drinks. These and more essential information on the diet of cats is available online e.g.amazon books kindle. You can refer to such information in order to be better educated about your pet.


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