What To Feed Your Cat

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The Composition Of Cat Food

If you are going to keep a pet cat at home you need to understand the kind of food that would be ideal for them. Many people do not take the time to find out what they should feed the cat and opt to feed them what they cook at home. If you thought that it is the best thing for your cat, then you need to know more about your cat’s constitution. The cat is an absolute carnivore as an animal and the kind of food we consume is that which is suitable for an omnivore. Thus, the food that is ideal for the cats may not be what we eat at our homes. You need to find out adequately about your pet’s food and how to ensure that your pet stays in good health. The right balanced food for cats consists of protein with carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins in smaller proportions.

Protein Content

Protein is essential for a cat as it is the building block of their body and constitution. It makes up their cells, organs and tissues much like ours. While they can consume plant and animal based protein, the following protein food is ideal for cats:

  • Among plant based protein food the common examples are cereals, vegetables and soy
  • The animal based protein food would consist of chicken, lamb, fish and turkey. These animal protein products can consist of parts of the animals that humans usually do not consume. When you buy superior quality cat food from the stores, these animal protein food are prepared in the ideal way for cats
  • You need to remember that cats consume two to three times more amount of protein than human do. They even gain energy from proteins better than humans can. Their body can metabolize the protein way better than humans.
  • Amino acids like cysteine, methionine, taurine and arginine are essential for cats which they derive from animal protein; these amino acids are found lacking in the cat’s system.

Carbohydrate For Cats

When it comes to carbohydrates, by products of plants and cereals of different kinds are the common sources of carbohydrates. Cats gain more energy from protein so they do not need carbohydrates as much as humans do.

Vitamins, Minerals And Fats

  • When it comes to fats, these are nutrients that are metabolized in better ways than by humans. Animal and plant fat are included in cat food that is manufactured. You can read up resources and articles in order to understand what kind of fats are ideal for cats
  • Minerals like calcium, phosperous are required by cats while among vitamins, cats need A, B, C, D, E, K.

Once you understand what the essential nutrients that are ideal for cats are and what should be included in the cat food, you will be better prepared to shop for the ideal cat food from the store. There are many pet brands available in the market and you need to know which brand would suit your cat most as well as your budget. There are some useful amazon books for kindle about cats.



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