Get Your Cat Off The Dinner Table

Your Pet Wants To Taste Your Food?

Most of the cat owners have a hard time resisting their pets from offering them special treats from their dinner table. However those who are experienced in keeping cats know that human food can be unsafe for their pet as that is different from the kind of nutritional needs that felines have.

Digestive System Of Cats

Even if a cat seems to love a cooked food item in your home it can wreck havoc with their digestive system and weaken their system as well. Many people think that there are a lot of things that one cannot feed their cat. However if you refer to special doctors or vets, they will be able to tell you that the list is not as long as one may think. If you keep these names in mind you will ensure that your cat gets the occasional treat without spoiling their system.

What You Should Not Feed The Cat

Here is a list of items that you should not feed your cat at all, not even in small doses:

  • Onion And Garlic

These two ingredients form the basis of most of our cooked meals at home. When you have incorporated considerable amount of such ingredients in a dish, it is best to keep it away from your pet. They might be inquisitive about any new dishes that you sit down to try at your dinner table. But you need to be firm and offer them something else that would suit their constitution better.

  • Grapes Or Raisins

We often think that uncooked or raw food items are safer for animals and we do not see any reason why they should not be offered some. However, felines have certain allergies which one should know better to keep their pets in good condition. Among fruits, grapes or raisins should not be fed to them as that can create havoc with their digestive system.

  • Sugary Treats

Your children may be tempted to share their chocolates or other sugary treats to their pets. While the cat may eagerly lap it up, it is best to keep them away from such food items. One needs to teach their children how to take care of the pets in the home and that includes teaching them what to feed them and what not.

  • Alcohol, Caffeinated Drinks And Milk

While feeding alcohol to a cat can be a rare occurrence and an accident in most cases, do not offer them caffeinated or aerated drinks as well. Also, cats are lactose intolerant. We are often misled into thinking that cats love milk but that is not the case.

Finding Help And Advice

It is best to refer to a vet in order to get a list of the items that you cat may or may not have. There are websites that show which foods can be fed to cats in smaller doses. These articles are particularly helpful for owners to understand how to treat their pet at home. 

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