When You Are Getting A Kitten Home

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Deciding On A Cat Breed

Today there are as many as forty different breeds of cats. Thus, when you have made up your mind to get a pet for yourself or your child, you need to do adequate research to pick the right feline which will have the right personality and energy levels to suit your home. It is said that cats have differing personalities and tendencies. They have different energy levels as well. You can look up online resources on cats in order to understand which cat breed would be ideal for you to own as a pet. Once you have decided, you need to find a good breeder for that particular cat species. There are registries of cat breeders as well as that of pedigree cat. These will help one to locate a breeder near one’s home.

Different Sources To Get Kittens

There are different sources from where one can find out about kittens which are available for adopting.

  • Newspapers usually host ads of breeders and other pet owners who are looking for people to buy kittens from them. Their contact details are also listed in such ads.


  • Ads on the internet are not an uncommon phenomenon any more,. Pet lovers have their own forums and here breeders post ads for those who are interested in picking up kittens from them.


  • Cat shows are another place for meeting breeders. One can personally get to meet them and talk to them as well as see the cats they keep.

Facts About Bringing A Kitten Home

  • Know the breeder and how they were the kittens. It is not enough to simply contact a breeder over the phone or online. One needs to go and visit their home and see how they wear or keep their pets. That will help one to know about the hygiene of the pet as well as the health of the pet that one is considering bringing home.


  • Kittens should be brought to another home when they are at least four months old. That is when they are ready to be more social. Kittens socialize less than puppies as they need more time with their mother and their mates of the litter. They also need to be given vaccination shots that are completed by this time period.


  • You need to know in detail about the breed of a cat you are getting home with respect to their food habits, their tendency to contract diseases and so forth.

Identifying Good Breeders

  • There are breeders who advertise the breeds of cats they keep and they will gladly show you around, will have titles in the honor of the purebred or mixed bred cats they possess and so forth


  • Many breeders try and improve the breed of cats by mixing the gene pool


  • One needs to ensure that the area and the upkeep of the cats is clean and hygienic


  • It is best to buy from a breeder who has a good reputation in the market

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