The Growing Requirements Of A Kitten

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Kittens And Cats

You may have adopted a kitten and you must be excited to have the little furry ball of energy in your home. Kittens make great playthings for children who love their playfulness and spend hours watching them frolic around the house. However you are being the adult, you need to take care of the food and other aspects too of your new home member. As far as nutrition is concerned, you need to be particular about the food that you are going to feed her. When they grow up you need to take special care about the food that you are feeding her. You need to invest in food that is specially made and packed for growing, adult cats.

Growing Kittens

An adolescent cat is one who plays like a kitten but is maturing into an adult at the same time. The food that one feeds them is important in this growing phase. The nutritional requirements differ between a cat and a kitten. It is thus important to know what stage your cat is at and to feed it appropriate food. Many of us feed them household food and do not vary the constituents of their meals as they grow and age.

How Nutrition Needs Differ

It is important that quality food is fed to the cats as they grow from a kitten to an adult cat. The nutrition that kittens get from their food is not enough for an adult cat. We understand that from the varying nutritional requirements for human beings as they grow. If you are feeding them pet food, you do not want to compromise on the quality. If you downgrade to inferior brand pet food, it might upset their stomach. That will bring in more problems for you as you will have to run to the vet as well as clean up after her.

Giving Them Quality Food

You need to think in terms of a human baby. When you start giving them solid food, you would want to give them the best nutrition that you can. You would not want them to have food from outside and food that is junk. In the same way, one needs to feed maturing kittens the best food that one can buy. Premium pet food is something that you need to invest in for the good health of your pet. You can look up premiums pet food online and find out what ingredients are included in them.

Pet Food Considerations

The following points need to be considered when buying pet food for growing kittens:

  • The ingredients need to be of high quality
  • There has to be a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, a fermentable fiber, vitamins, minerals in the pet food
  • The taste and the recipe should be great or as per the liking of your pet cat
  • You need to ensure that the pet food you buy conforms to the industry standards in the country for such food manufacturing
  • The formula has to be right as per the age and growth stage of the cat
  • Ensure that the product is guaranteed for quality

In such ways one can provide the best pet food for their growing kitten.


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