Handling Aggressive Behavior Of Cats

There is a saying that even if you take the cat out of the jungle you cannot take the jungle out of the cat. There is a little tiger that resides inside every house cat. It has the behavioral traits of a solitary predator and from time to time it needs to exercise its hunting skills from time to time. The feline creature is designed to hunt and that is what it does best no matter how much we confine it to the four walls of a domestic home and feed it the best of feline foods.

Aggressive Behavior Of Cats

When you get a cat or a litter in your home, they might exhibit playful and aggressive behavior. They might look dangerous even. They might even catch hold of feet and ankles of people who go by and that can upset their victims and even hurt them. When you play with your cat or kitten with your hands and feet you train them to be a feline terrorist. When the pet becomes stronger and bigger, the pounce and the bites may puncture the skin. What is the solution to such dangerous tendencies in the behavior of cats? You need to direct such tendencies towards toys instead of body parts of humans.

Solution To Control Aggressive Behavior

Another solution would be to get a playmate or another kitten or cat of the same sex and age. That would help to achieve the following objectives:

  • They will act as a playmate for the pet
  • There will be two mouths to feed but the pet’s attention from the owners will be diverted
  • The wear and tear on the home and the owners is reduced as the two cats engage in playing or practicing their predatory behavior on each other
  • If you cannot provide another playmate for your kitten or cat you need to engage in play therapy for the cat

What Is Interactive Play?

Interactive play sessions are usually conducted by letting the cat engage in playing with a toy that moves. The play sessions can be conducted in the following manner:

  • Two or three interactive play sessions need to be done with the cat or the kitten
  • Cats love routine so a routine needs to be set for the playtime which should not be deviated from
  • Every play session can be of ten or twenty minutes of duration
  • Toys tied to a fishing pole are great in keeping the cat engaged while the owner can simply sit in one place and wave their arms
  • The play sessions should be stopped when the cat becomes exhausted and stops batting at the toy

Play Things For The Cat

If you are not able to play with the cat all the time, you can leave around stimulating and safe toys around the house for them to discover and play with. That will keep them active and engaged. However, with age the interests change and accordingly, the kind of toys that will interest them need to change as well.


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