Keeping Cats As Pets

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Cats are great for your pets But you need to understand them well if you are going to be benefited from them. Cats are different breeds and as per their breed they have different personalities and temperament. As per the kind of lifestyle you have you need to choose a cat accordingly.

How To Choose A Cat

There are many breeders who offer different purebred and mixed bred cats and kittens. Keep the following pointers in mind:

  • You might have a child or children at home for whom you are taking a cat. In such a case ensure that the cat you are taking will be playful and social. Some cats are lively while others like to play around.


  • If you want an active cat you can choose from a wide breed of cats. There are distinct personality traits of such cats that one can look up online.


  • If you live alone and wish to have a lap cat who will be your constant companion by your couch, you can look up such cats specifically.


  • Seek input from breeders who will be able to tell you which cat will go along with children and who will be an ideal companion of an old lady

Housebreaking A Cat

Once the cat has been chosen and has been brought home, you need to understand their habits and help them feel at home. The two vital things are diet and cleanliness. You need to establish timings for food that your cat will come to expect as well as set boundaries for cleanliness that they will come to accept.

Food For A Cat

You need to do research about the right kind of food that a cat should consume. When you give them the wrong food or food that is meant for humans, they will show signs of poor health. Keep in mind the following pointers for their diet:

  • Keep the protein amount high in their diet


  • Keep carbohydrates low as they get adequate energy from fat and protein consumption


  • Ensure enough vitamins and minerals in their diet


  • You can opt for canned or dry food for pets of high quality


  • Ensure that the moisture content of the food is adequate

Cleaning After A Cat

It is important that you understand the behavior of your cat in the way he likes to relieve himself, the way he marks his territory, his vomit, poop and so on. You need to show them where they should relieve themselves. You need to use paper towels to clean up the poop and vomit and use Sanitizers and odor neutralizers where necessary.

You will be able to enjoy your cat’s company only when you are able to keep them well cleaned. You need to give them bath occasionally, clean their paws, trim their nails as well as vacuum the house to ensure all fur and droppings are removed and disinfected. In such ways one can enjoy having a cat in their home. 

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