Keeping Your Feline Companion Clean

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You might be having a furry feline who loves her fur and has every reason to be proud of it. While she might be doing a pretty good job by her standards to clean it up but that might not be enough. When you have a furry creature like a cat at home, you need to know all the tips and tricks for cleaning them up and keeping your home clean as well. When you ignore it for too long, neither will your cat develop a habit of being clean and you will end up with a host of infections in your home.

Keeping The Furry Creatures Clean

When you need to keep in check the fur that your cat has, you need to follow certain steps to keep your home clean and keep their fur clean and bright.

  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Look for one which has a strong suction feature and has a pet hair attachment as well.


  • When you vacuum does not forget to vacuum the chairs and curtains.


  • You need to wear rubber gloves and cover all the spots that your cat likes to sit on.


  • Use sticky tape to get the fur off your clothing


  • You can opt for pet bedding that is easy to clean


  • You can place a washable curtain where the cat wanders outside so that it does not come back with muddy paws

Cleaning Your Cat

Cats lick themselves clean as per their standards. However that cleaning may not be adequate to ensure cleanliness in your home. If someone has allergies in your home you need to ensure that you keep your cat clean.

  • Give them a bath when they are really dirty


  • Trim the nails of the cat to prevent scratches


  • Brush off the loose hair of the fur of the cat


  • Use cat or kitten shampoo


  • Dry with towel or blow dry on low power


  • Treat them at the end so that it feels like a special occasion

Prevent Fleas And Ticks

Cats cannot keep fleas off them for long so you need to have all the tips and tricks up your sleeve to keep them free of such insects.

  • There are shampoos, flea collars and pills available to help keep cats free of such infections


  • Do not use adult products on pets


  • When using over the counter prescription do not touch the treated area till it is dry

When Cats Bring On Infections

When infections are rampant in the home, it is time to clean up the house in a big way. From curtains to upholstery, cracks in the wall and so forth, everything need to be cleaned in order to remove all possible sources of infection. Wash all kinds of bedding that the cat sleeps on and also steam clean the carpets if possible.


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