The Process Of Getting A Kitten

You may be excited that you have decided to get a kitten for your family. Indeed a pet can bring much joy to one’s home. It is another living member who becomes part of the family and whose care and needs are taken care of by all members of the household. However, there are certain points that one needs to keep in mind when they are planning to get a kitten home. Nowadays people prefer to pick them up from breeders than from animal shelters. Even then one has to follow certain guidelines.

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Getting A Kitten From A Breeder’s Home

You might have received a response to your query for well bred kittens in your neighborhood. The following steps need to be followed when getting a kitten from a breeder’s home:

  • If it is possible it is advisable that one visits the home of the breeder in order to see the kittens.
  • Many breeders who offer their services long distance put up detailed images online for prospective customers to look at and view. Some breeders might be hesitant in allowing strangers into their home. 
  • If one is able to visit a breeder’s home, they should ensure that a clean environment is provided for the animals. The cats need to be without runny eyes or noses that show that they are well kept and taken care of.
  • The cats should look active and not lethargic and they should not be sneezing or showing signs of other infections.
  • Odors of cats are hard to control especially where male cats are found as that is part of their mating process.

Pick Up A Social Kitten

Kittens are by far less social than puppies. When you are about to pick up a kitten, you need to ensure that they have been socialized correctly. There are certain signs that will guide you along:

  • If you have decided on a certain pedigree, they will come with a certain personality or temperament.
  • It is best to look up the particular personality traits of the breed you are opting for
  • Decide on the kind of cat you want, a lap cat or an active one. Accordingly, the breeds need to be decided upon.

Picking Breeds Ideal For Children

When you are opting for a cat for your child, you need to find out whether the breed you have in mind will be playful with children. Some cats do not like to be disturbed while others are more social. The breeders will be able to tell one if a cat is ideal for children. They will also be able to tell if a cat will want to be the only one in a household.

Taking The Advice Of Breeders

It is best to take the advice of breeders regarding the personality of a car or kitten which is being adopted. They will be able to provide enough advice about them and how they should be treated. Sometimes they will also suggest that one takes a second cat or kitten if the first needs company.


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