Understanding The Behavior Of Cats

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Research On Cats

In the world of people there are two main groups, some who understand cats and those who think that cats are douchebags. The cat lovers are those who usually fall in the second category. Research has revealed that many adorable things that a cat or kitten does has actually a predatorial intent behind them. Thus, you need to understand the behavior of cats and understand why they do the things they do in order to treat them right.

When A Cat Meows

Cats have various ways of communicating. The meow is the most common way of vocalizing when it comes to cats. They wish to tell us something when they meow. It can be hunger or it can be that they simply want attention. Again, house cats will meow to tell the owner that they have littered and it is time to clean up the mess. While the barks of dogs are one dimensional, the meow of a cat can differ as per the pitch and the tone. That is done to manipulate the owner and get the things they want out of them.

  • A pleading meow is usually identified by the cat owners and they can differentiate between a soliciting meow and a causal one as well.
  • The soliciting mews are usually more urgent and less pleasant than a normal meow
  • When they cry like human babies such a meow is usually for hunger. Such a behavior shows the intelligence of cats. They know that, when they imitate the cry of babies it will get more attention than their normal, animal like meows.

It has been seen that, cats even adjust the frequency of their meows and purrs in order to get their owners to respond to their needs more quickly. The sounds bring out responses in us as well trained animals. The sound annoys us and we wish to address the source of the sound as we would our offsprings even if they are covered in fur.

Cats And How They Cover Or Uncover Their Poop

Many cat owners relish the fact that their pets leave their poop in neat little litter boxes which allows them to dispose of such litter easily. There is no need to have to use poop scoopers or plastic bags to pick up their poop. However, such a behavioral trait does not come from domestication training but more from their natural predatorial instincts. Cats cover their poop to cover their tracks in front of larger predators. If there is a bigger cat in the group, they will not want to keep their poop uncovered as it acts like a challenge in the bigger animal. If they leave their poop uncovered in your home, that might indicate that they do not fear anyone in the house.

Why Cats Rub Themselves On Your Legs

If you think that your cat is happy to see you and that is the reason it is rubbing itself on your legs, you might need to rethink that. It is usually done to indicate ownership and not loyalty. 

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