The Unique Nature Of Siamese Cats

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Nowadays many people are on the lookout for Siamese cats for their unique looks and personalities. Indeed, this breed of cats that originates from Thailand are fascinating creatures. They have a rich and interesting history about their origin. Nowadays this breed of cats is increasingly popular. Many people love their unique charm as well as personalities and character. Their appearance is striking and they have a regal air about them. These cats represent class, regal air and elegance.

Unique Traits

If you are planning to adopt a Siamese cat that may be due to the following traits that you find in them:

  • Many find them gorgeous looking
  • They can be loyal
  • They are fun companions
  • They are intelligent companions for human beings

Before you decide to visit a breeder’s home and get one for yourself, you need to know all the unique facts and traits about such animals.

Social Nature And Lovable Looks

One interesting fact is their body color. Most Siamese kittens are born white. The white kittens of this breed look adorable and most people find it hard to resist adopting one or more such kittens for their home. With time their bodies develop color in the cooler pars of the body. That is due to a heat sensitive gene that they contain. An interesting fact which attributes to the popularity of the Siamese cats is the social nature of this feline creature. Unlike other breeds of cats, this breed can be extremely social and takes to human beings much more easily than other breeds. They love to be around people. These cats get along with other animals as well in the house, for children too they make a great family pet. The aggressive traits in this breed of cats are much less as compared to other breeds.

Loves Attention

Every cat breed has certain advantages and peculiarities that one needs to be aware of. While you might be ready to pick up an adorable white Siamese kitten that promises to be social and loving, you need to know that, such cats tend to be jealous. They love to be the center of attention. When your attention gets diverted, they can exhibit jealous behavior. If you are the person that they are most attached to, they will follow you everywhere but will not want your attention to be shared with others.

Easily Trained

If you want a cat that is easily trained, you can adopt a Siamese cat. They are intelligent creatures and take up training most effectively. They have the largest lifespan than other cats. They can live to be twenty or twenty five years old. These cats tend to be talkative and they will meow away for hours if you are willing to listen to them for that long. Many people find such cats evil looking but they are lovable and social due to which, more and more people are adopting Siamese cats as pets for a lifetime.


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