When Your Kitten Needs Cat Food

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How will you understand whether your kitten has outgrown kitten food? Indeed, when a person adopts a kitten they do not dream of feeding them anything but food that is designed for their growing body. When they have matured, it is important to feed them the right diet which will differ from what they consumed as kittens.

When Your Kitten Has Matured

Often owners are confused when to understand that their kitten has matured into a cat. They might retain their kitten like playfulness and that might mislead owners into thinking that the food they are providing is suitable for them. The nutritional needs of kittens differ greatly from that of cats. It is therefore important that you invest in a premium brand for cat food when your kitten has reached the appropriate matured age.

Sticking To A Premium Cat Food Brand

You might wonder whether it really makes a difference to opt for a premium brand than any other brand in the market. There are many theories that will show the reasons due to which the premium food brand makes a difference:

  • If you down grade to lesser quality food it might upset the digestive system of the cat
  • The right amount of nutrition may not be provided by any inferior brand than what our cat was getting in the kitten stage
  • The best food as per age has to be provided to ensure their optimal growth and health

When You Opt For The Right Premium Brand For Your Cat You Ensure:

  • Ingredients of high quality in their food
  • Balanced and optimal levels of protein as well as fat, carbohydrates, fermentable fiber, minerals and vitamins which make it unnecessary to spend on supplements
  • Recipes that are of high quality and taste great
  • Meet the industry food standards for pet food
  • Guarantees provided by the brand on every product purchase

Results Of A Premium Food Diet

When you spend on a premium brand for your cat food, the results are evident:

  • One’s cat will be happy and healthy
  • The important indicators of good health are great muscle tone, a shiny coat, clear and bright eyes, clean teeth, firm stool

When you choose a well reputed food brand from the market, the formula they use to create the cat food recipes have been tested in the market for years and would have seen years of success.

When Should You Switch To Cat Food

When your cat attains the age of one year, it would be the time to change their diet. The diet would then have to be of the maintenance formula, the premium cat brands in the market create cat food as per the different stages of their lives. Thus, from kitten food one needs to move to maintenance formula for their matured cats. When one transitions their cat to an adult cat diet, they need to monitor their weight as well as other body conditions. Accordingly the portions need to be adjusted. There are online guides and resources which cat owners can refer to in order to understand the right diet for their cats.


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