Wonderful Treats For Your Pet Cat

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Premium Food Brands For Cats

Today there are many special meals available for cats. Indeed, cat owners no longer need to despair over what to feed their cat and whether what they are feeding them is what they need to eat in the first place. Gone are the days when cat owners used to feed them cooked meals that they made in their kitchen which did not provide the adequate levels of nutrition for the cats. Today, there are premium brands in the market which can provide the right nutritional balance of the cats as well as provide them varieties of choices as well.

Lamb Based Treats

If you have been feeding your cat a dry mixture of chicken based cat meal almost everyday, you can substitute with a lamb and rice special formulas for special occasions. Your cat is sure to love the taste of such food. You can even reserve such special treats when you are training them and wish to reward them for good behavior. There are premium brands that provide delectable lamb based dishes for your cat:

  • There is real lamb included
  • The nutrition is balanced in such meals to help maintain the health of the urinary tract and supplemented by dietary magnesium
  • Omega fatty acids are included in such meals to help promote a healthy skin and a luxurious shiny coat in your cat
  • There are rice and other ingredients included like fermentable fiber as well as Prebiotic engineered ingredients that ensure that the cat has a healthy digestion

Entrees Of Gourmet Chicken

If you are celebrating a special occasion, let your cat know it by offering it specially cooked entrée items that many premium brands make. You can opt for one in gourmet chicken. Such a dish is made with real chicken pieces and there are added vitamins and minerals; there are no preservatives or artificial flavor added as well as absence of wheat gluten which is found in many inferior brands. Thus, your cat is sure to love the taste of this dish and will purr with delight after the meal is concluded.

Entrees Of Salmon

Another great treat for your cat would be a delectable entrée with salmon. There are even varieties of salmon based entrée dishes that you can choose from. The premium cat food brands surely know how to leave the cat owners pampered with a choice of different food items for their feline companions. When one opts for such a dish in a can they get the following nutrition for their cat:

  • Real salmon fish meat is included
  • There is a balance of vitamins and minerals added to the dishes
  • There is no wheat gluten added
  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives added

Cats have a love for fish based dishes and they are sure to love such a treat when you present it to them. In such ways you can opt for a variety of dishes for your cat.


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